The Why of Healing Self

Most folks call me Dr. Deb. I’m comfortable in nature and love to learn about everything. I dislike judgments of all kinds because they build barriers between people rather than respect and community. As a child, I played in the dirt and drank water from rivers that contained small visible particles of decaying leaf matter, sand, and a smidge of slime. Back then it was simply called “wild water.” 

I am a “truth” based natural healer and writer. With time you’ll learn about the dark side of my life as well as the beauty of recovery and healing. I hold Doctoral Degrees in Natural Health, Traditional Naturopathy, and a Bachelor of Science degree. I love what I do.

Each of us is gifted and able to discover the infinite power that lives within. That is the source of our dreams, creativity, and self-identity that makes us unique. By knowing how to make our own choices, we become our own keeper, healer, judge, and advocate.

This Website Is About Life & Its Challenges

This website is about truth, nature, natural healing – sometimes in a bit of a “sassy pants way.” You’ll read about various ways to naturally heal and sustain our mind, body & soul. You’ll also find tons of wisdom and truths about the authenticity and rawness of life we tend to hide deep in our hearts. Some posts define ways to break free and speak up about how you feel. Other posts are about personal hopes, dreams, hidden talents, and the truth of where humanity may be headed.

Enjoy the site – please feel free to comment as often as you’d like – conversations always create stimulating connections that expand the mind and open the heart. And hey, if I say something wrong about something, tell me.

Dr. Deb

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