Our Inexhaustible Healing Magic

Words are actually “results,” or more accurately put, “stations” of infinite experiences.  All words reach us from an unimaginable distant past and blend with our present. They are “audible words that cling to the inaudible heart and mind,” – the forms and potentiality of thought which grow beyond just dreams. Words can calm, heal, or harm with their power.

A drop of water on a blade of grass has nothing to prove beyond being seen.

I believe each of us has a gifted ability to discover the infinite power that hides deep within us.  We are the source of all the dreams, creativity, and self-identity that makes each of us so very unique. By knowing we make our own choices, we understand we will always be our own keeper, healer, judge, and advocate.

This entire website is about truth – sometimes in a bit of a “sassy pants” way.  You’ll read about some serious and funny tidbits regarding the way we harm or help not only ourselves but for humanity as well. A balanced life can only be achieved when we choose to speak, think, and act truthfully at all times.

Our world contains tons of raw truths and wisdom about living life because of our easy access to so much information on the internet.  Focusing on “self” has become a critical health requirement.  We must maintain, survive, and balance with each breath we take.

Enjoy the site – please feel free to comment as often as you’d like. Conversations always create stimulating connections by expanding the mind and opening the heart.  Let’s do it together.

Dr. Deb

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