Consultations Types

In-Person Consultations
(Available Two Harbors, MN Only)

Imagine an energetic, vital body, where every cell of you relaxes in a state of bliss and mind doesn’t chatter or cause havoc. A place and state of “person” where you finally feel free to be exactly who you are.

The Initial Nature Healing Consultation has been our core program offering for more than 12 years. This one-on-one consultation begins the process of healing by giving you a healthier foundation where vibrant health, happiness, peace, and joy can blossom.

Using education, personal empowerment techniques, natural organic herbs, and flower essences, the five major parts of the human form (mind, body, spirit, soul, and emotions), will begin to move toward a healthier level of balance.

All herbs and flower essences are wild-crafted by hand. These “mega-power healers” remind the body how to function at its highest possible level of rhythm and balance.


The Virtual Consultations
(Using the Zoom Platform)

business-3560916_1280Virtual healing consultations allow us to connect no matter where are you in this vast big world by using the Zoom Platform. We may not physically be sitting across theĀ table from each other, but it’s pretty darn close. The bonus of using the Zoom Platform is each consult is recorded and sent to you. This application allows you to revisit anything you may have forgotten.

While we won’t be able to test herbs and flower essences in-person physically, but we will be able to determine what your body needs in other ways. Rest assured your mind, body, and soul will get precisely what it needs to rest and heal.

The Zoom link will be emailed to you one day before your scheduled consultation.

Cell Phone: (952) 237-8145

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