A Beary Nice December Gift

The end of each year can be mind-boggling and stressful. Maybe, just maybe, we put the burden on ourselves of needing to be PERFECT? We excessively strive for perfection and stress ourselves beginning with Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and then New Year’s Eve.

December is the craziest month of the year. Holiday preparations, cleaning, sending Christmas cards, and making sure there is enough alcohol in the house for New Year’s Eve. Understandably, some folks don’t enjoy the holidays because they feel burned from all the shopping, cooking, present wrapping, and party planning.

20493500_mDon’t get me wrong – I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!  When I was younger, I did burn out, making sure I met the “status quo” each holiday season requires. This is not something I do anymore because family and friends matter more than any party or meal preparation.

I’ve learned how to ask for help – the holidays are for children and grownups alike. Yes, it may cause a couple headaches (or a nightmare) while preparing for it. However, it truly is a time that warms our hearts as we gather with family and friends. And, even the creatures outside – the dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, and well – bear.

A black bear walked by my office window. The mother-bear stood about 3 feet away from me with her two cubs. Slowly, she looked at me, snorted, and rambled on. (I thought she was going to give me the “paw”).  She had two cubs with her that were standing on their hind legs (maybe 4 feet tall – still youngsters), literally playing “patty-cake” with each other. Just like a human sparing. ADORABLE!!

bear-cubs-50137_1280That is my Christmas gift from Mother Nature this year.  Right now,  December 13th, as I type this post, I am watching an 18 point buck, a doe, and her yearling directly outside the window.  I see them almost every day.

Remember to take the time to enjoy the holidays. Pass love on to others, over-eat, giggle, and simply laugh at all the dishes in the sink as you sit on the couch, chilling out. You’ll get to the dishes – when you want to.

Oh, and please keep an eye out for the bear.

Happy Holiday’s Everyone.


Welcome the Death Card

I am indeed a novice with Tarot Cards, but I was brave enough to pull a few cards recently.  The first card I pulled was the Death Card.  My reaction was to take the meaning of the card literally. Then I read on a bit and noticed this card is actually one of the most fruitful and positive cards a person can draw.

The Death Card is symbolic of ending a significant phase or aspect of life to help bring about the beginning of something far more valuable and essential. This card helps close one door to open another. The past must be put behind you to be able to embrace new opportunities and possibilities.

The Death Card marks a time of significant transformation, change, and transition. It helps us transform and clear away the old to bring in the new. This card is a perfect card to use to break bad habits or patterns of behavior, such as eliminating excess things and cutting out what is no longer necessary in your life.

My soul must have made sure I pulled that card.  It’s time to purge all the old out-dated beliefs, my house, heart, and soul to get ready for the beginning of a new year.

Look Into the Sun


Well the way I feel is the way I write
Without the thoughts of a person who lies,
Look into the sun as a new day comes
With a rhythmic rush one day.

See lights that won’t move and colors that don’t fade
That leaves us empty with nothing but dreams,
In this world gone shallow
In this world gone lean.

There’s new truth out there, and it’s on our side
Dawn is coming so open your eyes,
Gaze into the sun and watch a new time arrive
Feel your heart as it’s keeping time.

And wait in the sun ’til a new day comes.


Cold White Stuff

Thought I’d share this photo that without a doubt proclaims Mother Nature creates impressive landscapes in all seasons. This is a picture from Duluth, MN – a little under 20 miles from where I live in Two Harbors. It looks exactly the same here as it does in Duluth. According to the “weather folks,” we received 24 inches of snow. Feels like four times that when you’re pushing a snowblower on a huge driveway.

So, in my crazy musings, I was thinking about all the “powerful folks” who proclaim they have all the power. Well, sorry but,


Created by all that feminine power.

Dr. Deb


Shitty Mood

Bill Atterson, the cartoonist and the author of the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes”, penned this quote . . .

“You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocket-ship underpants don’t help”.

That’s how I feel today! Nothing is right, good, bright, fun or happy.  I’m simply Pissed Off at the World.

Any fun, silly or serious advice about how to get out of this shitty mood anybody?

Dr. Deb (she who’s a doctor still gets pissy sometimes)


In the face of uncertainty, believe two things:  you are stronger than you think, and you not alone. Why?

~ BECAUSE we can always choose to call “an issue” a challenge rather than a crisis;

~ BECAUSE we can look at hardship as an opportunity instead of an obstacle;

~ BECAUSE at the end of an issue, we can ask “what did I learn from this”;

~ BECAUSE we can take a deep breath and do the difficult things first;

BECAUSE we can choose to know that the most significant elements of our day are laughter, compassion, learning, and applying our finest efforts to each endeavor.

~ BECAUSE OF THESE THINGS, each morning is the beginning of a day filled with unlimited possibilities.

~ BECAUSE . . . . 

Instead of living in a place of fear, worry, and spiraling questions that may or may not have responses, we can embrace the certainty that everything unfolds precisely the way it’s supposed to.

Without a doubt, we all have free will to make choices. It’s the uncertainty that follows our decisions that can cause anxiety.

The world would be a much happier place if we practiced trusting our inner wisdom rather than caving into uncertainty.

Dr. Deb



Sponge Full of Wonder

Sometimes the unexceptional becomes extraordinary. Such as gazing into a puddle of water, watching a child run after a puppy, seeing the first butterfly of the spring season, maybe even hearing the peaceful hum of your computer after it went kaputt.  When one becomes unexpectedly caught in a moment, you actually touch your unvarnished self – the soul. You become a sponge full of wonder with a smile on your face, a heart full of awe, and hopefully a laugh in your belly.

When you move out of that moment, the charade is suddenly over. Maybe you feel the bubble has burst just a bit. You know you are not a perfect being, but yet your mind feels so clear you see endless possibilities. Maybe that moment of being completely cocooned in an exceptionally extraordinary moment actually changed your life.

That is how we experience a moment of enlightenment. It hits you without warning – we are not prepared for it. No one expects the unexpected. But when it happens you suddenly become comfortable with being completely ordinary and vulnerable.

Practice being vulnerable and become an enlightenment magnet.

Dr. Deb

The Art of Listening

Our ears crave sound – word of mouth seems to be a dish we find irresistible. It’s possible we humans are attracted to the prospect of some juicy, firsthand scoop. People can hardly resist immediately answering a ringing phone, nor can they ignore office gossip. Turning off the TV just when you glimpse a new movie you’ve wanted to watch is darn near impossible. And, for some strange reason, we are wired to finish other people’s sentences.

Our ears are fine-tuned instruments that can identify, perceive, and decode speech – whether we are just talking or screaming over the noise in a restaurant. Even in that horrible situation, our brains can reconstruct words and get the gist of what is being said.

That’s all fine and good, but the most potent task is listening. On the whole, lots of folks are not good at listening. But, I know there’s a compelling way to get people to listen more carefully.

Whisper . . . 

Dr. Deb

Lost & Found

I’m pretty sure most people have lost something sacred and precious at least once in their life. Things like your wallet, a favorite book you left at the airport, the picture of your mom before she passed away, or a cat you absolutely adored who disappeared and never returned. Those are all things that slam the heart so badly you burst into tears and/or instantly sink into a deep depressive state.

Loss is a lousy feeling.  All kinds of things pop into your brain; why did it happen, how can I fix it, praying you can get it back while believing you’ll never get it back. It pains the soul at an extremely deep level. That’s when the word hope comes into play to build us back up a bit after a sudden loss.

The hardest “loss” is losing someone, be they your mother, father, sister, husband, close friend, neighbors, cousins – the list could go and on. They all crush the heart and squeeze the tears out of you.

One never knows when one day, out of the blue, you might find something or someone you’ve lost. They become your “Lost & Found”.  Wow, now that is a heart-lifting fantastic event! We never know if and when that will happen, but when it does it can be life-changing and extremely healing to the heart.

From my personal experiences, it was profound when I found what was lost years ago.  My advice is – never quit looking ’cause you just might find it – if you try hard enough.

Dr. Deb