The Outhouse

We learn the most from suffering, changes, and challenges. We don’t learn much when everything is excellent.  We don’t even learn much on those groovy little trips with magnificent scenery. Humans need to be challenged to see their character and soul where both the scary and better parts live.

For me, the scariest fantastic place I’ve ever been is where I learned the most.  When I came face-to-face with a bear walking in the Porcupine Mountains.

toilet-1376429_1280.jpgTrue story.  I was coming out of the “outhouse.”  I swung the door open and was welcomed by a bear “standing” about 6 feet from me.  He sniffed the air, snorted (who wouldn’t when standing next to an ancient outhouse), I smiled and say hi (literally), and he just stared at me. For some unknown reason, I was not afraid at all. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes, the bear lowered onto all four and slowly sashayed away. I had obviously been “excused” harm-free.

What a blessing.  If each of us held only a keen vision of all that is ordinary in human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow or a squirrel’s heartbeat.  We humans need to be challenged to see our character and soul where the scary and better parts live.

We are blessed when a tremendous roar of living-free blasts us from the other side of silence. That’s what I learned from a bear.

Dr. Deb

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