The Author – Dr. Deb

The Author – Dr. Deb

I’m the author of this website, Dr. Debbie Engelmann. Most folks call me Dr. Deb, but really I’m just a Deb. With time, you’ll understand I’m most comfortable in nature, love to learn about everything, I write and ponder many things. Judgments drive me crazy because it builds barriers between people rather than respect and community. Even at this stage of life, I have enough love in my heart to heal the universe, and I’m trying to do just that – one person at a time. And, I am a bit sassy from time-to-time.


You’ll learn a bit about the dark side of my life as well as the beauty that sculpted and protected me. I hold Doctoral Degrees in Natural Health and Traditional Naturopathy. I am a published author and am currently working on my first solo book.

The way I see things, you and I are part of an endless number of conscious individuals. As such, we are a beautiful mix of talented individuals with dreams, unique insights, and talents. I’m glad you, the reader, know you are sacred, and I’m so happy you landed on this website.

This site is about truth, the rawness of life, and the stories we hold or hide in our hearts. It’s about breaking free and no longer being silent about ourselves, our hopes, dreams, hidden talents, and most of all, the truth of who we really are inside.

PD0060 90.jpgThe featured image on this post is Oy, my buddy in heart and soul. He’s a Pixi Bob pedigree cat but he couldn’t care less about that. As long as I hug and cuddle him, he’s fine.

The picture to the right reflects love, loss, and the beauty of memories.  That’s my sister Sandy on the left and my sister Vicki on the right. Two columns of strength. They both left this world four months apart – Vicki in February and Sandy in June – 16 years ago this year.

The grief still runs deep . . . but they’ll live in my heart forever.

Dr. Deb

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