Sponge Full of Wonder

Sometimes the unexceptional becomes extraordinary. Such as gazing into a puddle of water, watching a child run after a puppy, seeing the first butterfly of the spring season, maybe even hearing the peaceful hum of your computer after it went kaputt.  When one becomes unexpectedly caught in a moment, you actually touch your unvarnished self – the soul. You become a sponge full of wonder with a smile on your face, a heart full of awe, and hopefully a laugh in your belly.

When you move out of that moment, the charade is suddenly over. Maybe you feel the bubble has burst just a bit. You know you are not a perfect being, but yet your mind feels so clear you see endless possibilities. Maybe that moment of being completely cocooned in an exceptionally extraordinary moment actually changed your life.

That is how we experience a moment of enlightenment. It hits you without warning – we are not prepared for it. No one expects the unexpected. But when it happens you suddenly become comfortable with being completely ordinary and vulnerable.

Practice being vulnerable and become an enlightenment magnet.

Dr. Deb

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