The Art of Listening

Our ears crave sound – word of mouth seems to be a dish we find irresistible. It’s possible we humans are attracted to the prospect of some juicy, firsthand scoop. People can hardly resist immediately answering a ringing phone, nor can they ignore office gossip. Turning off the TV just when you glimpse a new movie you’ve wanted to watch is darn near impossible. And, for some strange reason, we are wired to finish other people’s sentences.

Our ears are fine-tuned instruments that can identify, perceive, and decode speech – whether we are just talking or screaming over the noise in a restaurant. Even in that horrible situation, our brains can reconstruct words and get the gist of what is being said.

That’s all fine and good, but the most potent task is listening. On the whole, lots of folks are not good at listening. But, I know there’s a compelling way to get people to listen more carefully.

Whisper . . . 

Dr. Deb

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