Nature-Based Living with Dr. Deb

Most folks call me Dr. Deb, but I’m really just a Deb. I’m most comfortable in nature and love to learn about everything. I write, ponder, and dislike judgments of all kinds. They drive me crazy because they build barriers between people rather than respect and community.

As a child, I played in the dirt and loved to drink water from rivers that contained small visible particles of decaying leaf matter, some sand, a smidge of slime and a big dose of healthy nourishment and mysterious things that used to exist in back then. It never harmed my tummy.  In those times, it was called “wild water.”

I’d sit by the river and study how it forcefully tumbled and tossed its way around boulders and created angry foam along the edges. My soul would ride the water for a bit, and when I was thirsty, I drank from the river. It was an enjoyable visceral experience on an instinctual level. That was my truth back then in spite of the cruelty that existed in my life.

I am a nature-based healer and writer who was born to be both a guide and advocate for the people who are lost, forgotten, harmed and ignored. With time, you’ll learn a bit about the dark side of my life as well as the beauty that sculpted and protected me. I hold Doctoral Degrees in Natural Health and Traditional Naturopathy, and a Bachelor’s of Science degree. I’m currently working on my first memoir titled “Silencing Echoes,” which is based on the parts of my life that deeply hurt while teaching me the most.

Words are actually “results” – or, more accurately put, “stations” of our infinite experiences. They reach out from an unimaginably distant past into our present. They feel their way into an equally unimaginable distant future. They are “the audible that clings to the inaudible”; the forms and potentialities of thought which grow beyond just dreams. Words can calm, heal, or harm with their power.

A drop of water on a blade of grass has nothing to prove beyond being seen.

I believe each of us is gifted enough to discover the infinite power that lives within us.  That is the source of our dreams, creativity, and self-identity that makes us unique. By knowing we can make our own choices, we better understand we are our keeper, healer, judge, and advocate.

This entire website is about healing, nature, and truth – sometimes in a bit of a “sassy pants way.”  Here you’ll learn lots about the various ways we can naturally heal ourselves and therefore, humanity. You’ll discover there are tons of bits of wisdom and raw truths about living life while we continually strive to survive to live each moment on a mind, body, soul & spiritual level.

What you’ll read here is about the various ways to heal the mind, body, and soul – naturally.  About truth, the rawness of life, and the stories each of us have held deep in our hearts. Wind & Wild Water” is all about breaking free and no longer being silent about how you feel. It’s all about the hopes, dreams, hidden talents, and most of all, the truth of who you really are inside and how to keep life balanced.

The picture to the right reflects the love, loss, and beauty of memories.  I’m the one in the middle, that’s my sister Vicki on the left and my sister Sandy on the right. Two columns of strength. They both left this world four months apart – Vicki in February and Sandy in June – 15 years ago this year. They still live in my heart and in every breath I take. They are why I became a Doctor of Natural Health.

Enjoy the site – please feel free to comment as often as you’d like – conversation always create stimulating connections by expanding the mind and opening the heart.

Dr. Deb