Life’s Naked Truths

To better understand the foundational meaning of this blog,
I’ll share a quote from “Absolem” of Alice in Wonderland.
The caterpillar brilliantly said:

“We’re all vulnerable. Mix the wrong feelings with the right kind of bad
with the wrong kind of good, and you’ll wind up with a total breakdown.”

The naked truth is some very destructive events are taking place in our world. Within ourselves as well. They both can hurt and heal precisely at the same time. The unusual, the unknown, along with all the crazy stuff on the media, overpoweringly grabs our attention. It has somehow become a strangely diabolical standard of everyday living.

Our ability to think “out-of-the-box” is a powerful form of transformation and healing. That ability is also a significant change-maker for humanity. It is refreshingly real and inspiring. That’s what surviving life is all about — buffeting life’s moment-to-moment direction changes. Those sudden life changes help us learn how to be flexible.

Most posts on this website came from the mysterious musings rolling around in my head. It’s about the naturally occurring dichotomies of life and those bizarre situations that make our lives weird, annoying, and enjoyable all at the same time.

Are you ready to become smitten with the strangeness of your life?

Dr. Deb